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Earlier this year Sue Taylor of Silverbrooke Andalusians consented for us to submit for consideration by the UEGHá her lovely imported Hispano-Árabe mare Lucera as test case for the expansion of the Auxiliary Registry in Spain to include stock born in Spain but exported without having been submitted to the Stud Book. Lucera has produced several Hispano-Árabe foals including a beautiful filly this year, and if the expat horses could have entered the Auxiliary Registry the offspring would then have right of entry to the Main Registry.

Unfortunately; after months of deliberation the UEGHá has finally decided the Auxiliary Registry will remain exclusive to stock resident in Spain. We thank Sue for her patience and support in submitting this test case which if successful would not only have meant the inclusion of her lovely stock into the UK breed programme but would have established the right to bring back into the breed expansion other exceptional exported Hispano-Árabe stock scattered outside of Spain. Hopefully in the future we will see Silverbrooke Andalusians appearing again in our listings through the use of Sue's lovely PRE stallion Macedonio-Mac for breeding with Arabian mares to produce F1 Hispano-Árabe foals.


The UEGHá has now secured access to Arabian DNA data for the validation of UK parentage through the Spanish Arabian Stud Book so we no longer are blocked from registration into the Pure Bred Hispano-Árabe by the non compliance of the AHS. The conduct of the AHS party/parties involved in this refusal of DNA to the UEGHá was not supported by the AHS Regulations or approved of by WAHO. Likewise interference by BAPSH to hinder the facilitation of inscription of Pure Bred Hispano-Arabe stock has led to that society being excluded from Spain's breed expansion programme and ANCCE will directly work with the UEGHá in accordance with MAPA directives to assist the inclusion of UK Hispano-Árabe stock into the Stud Book.

Taking into consideration issues we raised relating to DNA validation by blood analysis the UEGHá has arranged for the provision of laboratory analysis in Spain using hair samples so all DNA validation can now be carried out by this method.

We will also be requesting that along with passports being sent back after inscription, a copy of the horses DNA profile is also supplied for the owner to ensure that never again will our horses be held hostage over DNA being 'kept' by breed societies. The maintenance of the DNA profile with our UK stock will mean it is readily accessible should owners wish to breed partbred stock and require parentage validation in the future.


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